Samoyed's are known for their permantly happy expression, but there are a range of other emotions which every Samoyed owner will immediately recognise.

1. Happy

Happy Samoyed photo

"I have so many happys now you home hooman! Did you get teh schmackos?"

2. Sad

Samoyed with a sad face

"Why you no throw teh ball hooman?"

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3. Nervous

Samoyed puppy with a nervous expression

"Hey fren, I not a snowball! Pleez don't throw, I just a little fuzzer!"

4. Smoochy

Smoochy Samoyed Face

"Skooz me hooman. Can I have teh a boop for my snoot?"

5. Unimpressed

Samoyed wearing a cone and looking unimpressed

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7. Guilty

Samoyed puppy looking guilty

"This? No I don't know anything about this."

8. Vicious

Samoyed puppy pretending to be vicious

Just kidding, Sammys are always lovable.

9. Mischievous


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10 Hyperactive

11. Sleepy

"Little orange scratchy doggo, you scare my sometimes. But we both little fluffers so we look after each other k?"

12. Really Super Sleepy

Samoyed dribble sleeping

13. Sleepy / Hungry


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14. Stretchy

The famous Samoyed stretch

"Nothing beets doin me the stretch."

15. Quizzical

Colourful Samoyed after the colour run

"Have I got something on my face?"

16. Caring

17. Gentle

18. When you just wanna sing!