Happy Samoyed puppy

Feeling a bit down? Try watching this and feel your melancholy feelings disappear!

Samoyed looking shocked

Are you thinking of getting a Samoyed? Save yourself the trouble of this awful breed of dog, and remind yourself of all the reasons why you should NEVER buy a Samoyed!

Samoyed Struggles Banner

Samoyeds are a big responsibility, not just to keep them looking their best but also to handle their unique personality!

Samoyed GIFs

Let's face it, the internet was basically made for animated GIFs. But Samoyed GIFs are the gift that just keep on giving!

Samoyed Tattoo Banner

Nothing demonstrates devotion like getting a tattoo. So why not get a get a tattoo of your favourite Samoyed companion! 

We've found some real Samoyed tattoos and a selection of Samoyed illustrations which which you could use as inspiration for a tattoo design.

Slow motion Samoyed

Samoyeds are pretty beautiful dogs, everyone knows that but watch them in slow-motion and their majestic beauty goes to a whole new level!

Samoyed wearing a Harry Potter costume for Halloween

Samoyeds are basically dogs disguised as Polar Bears, so when the time comes to dress up and go out hunting for candy, these guys never miss an opportunity!

Samoyed staring at a cat

Samoyeds are such beautiful companions with humans both adult and children, but how are they with other animals? Let's find out...

Samoyed wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses

What's cuter than a Samoyed? A Samoyed in a ridiculous costume! Here's a collection of the best Samoyed costumes from all over the world.

Samoyed surrounded by puppies

There's nothing like being a parent right? Well this Samoyed is learning that parenthood sometimes has its drawbacks!

Samoyed Exercising

Samoyeds love to be with their human companions, especially when it comes to exercise. Here's a selection of Sammies who just want to help people get fit!