Don't get poop on your face.

Use a hands-free dog lead instead!

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Video Transcript

Have you ever wanted to have both hands-free while you're walking yourdogs?

Oh my god did you eat like a wholebowl of chili or something?

All right, going in.

Buddy just hold the lead still, just stop pulling for a second...

In this video I'm gonna show you why I think this particularly is one of the best when it comes to walking your dog or dogs, and how you can also get a nice little discount if you want to buy one for your dogs.

The hands-free dog leash by pet Dreamland is designed to give you amazing freedom when walking your dog. Just clip on the waist belt and then attach the lead and you're ready to go.

The lead itself is incredible and packed with features which gives it a lot of versatility but firstly it has a series of d-rings which means that you can adjust the length of the lead according to your activity. If we're going to do some running I can extend out the full length of the lead and allow some extra room so we don't get tangled up with each other.

The middle point is good for regular walking and the last point is good if we're going to be doing some training I need to keep a dog close to me for better control.

Now there are a lot of leads out there which feature a bungee cord in some way but this lead has two handles and three different bungee cord sections and here's why. It doesn't matter which way I choose to have the leg configured I always have one handle at least one bungee section between me and the dog so that means no matter what I won't get jerked around if the dog decides to move in a different direction to me and I always have control if I need to maneuver him around an obstacle or away from a moving vehicle for example.

Now these handles are also nicely padded too so you won't be ripping your hands to shreds if you need to use the handle to hold your dog back from chasing a squirrel that comes near by.

The lead also has five knots which means that if I want to adjust the length a little more I can unravel those knots for even more length or to create a length which is kind of in between the positions of the anchor points on the way now this has totally changed the way that I walk with my dogs because unlike a regular lead there's no risk of a sudden tug causing me to lose my grip and lose control of the dog all together.

Using the lead actually made it really simple to film this whole video because I could easily operate the camera gear while having the dog close to me.

"there's no risk of a sudden tug causing me to lose my grip and lose control of the dog all together"

The belt that you wear also has three anchor points which means I can attach two leads and walk both dogs at the same time with both hands-free or I can clip on other things like a bag dispenser or a treat pouch for training but my favourite benefit of the lead is when we actually go for a drive!

So instead of trying to tie a knot around the headrest keep him secure with a regular lead like I would normally do I just went out and bought a climbing carabiner for about five bucks and now I can get him in and out of the car quickly just by clipping him onto the d-rings on lead now if we go to the dog park and he's super excited and I'm worried that he might bolt as soon as I unclick the lead I can even attach it to myself first on one end before I unclip him from the car so there's absolutely no risk of ever losing control by a busy road.

Now if you think this lead might be useful when you're walking your dog what I'll do is I'll post a link in the description of this video to where you can actually buy the lead plus a special code that you can use during checkout which will get you a nice little discount at the same time but just be aware that the discount is only available for a very limited time so if you're going to use it make sure you move quickly so you don't miss out.

The hands-free dog leash is a really great product because it means we get to go on more walks more often and the dog and I get to exercise in a more natural manner because I'm not having to try and run with my arm outstretched if they're tugging on the lead.

What do you think? Let's go for a walk I want to go for a walk! Who wants to go for a walk first?

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