If you're considering adding a Samoyed into your family then you'll probably be wondering how much a Samoyed costs to buy? The answer? It depends.

The absolutely minimum you should expect to pay would be around $1,000 however there are a variety of factors which influence the cost of buying a Samoyed so let's explore them.


The gender of your Samoyed puppy can play a key role in determining the price. If you choose to purchase a male which has the potential to be used for breeding then this will likely drive the cost upward because its offspring will be more valuable.

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Certifications & Guarantees

No all Samoyed puppies are created equal. It's never recommended to purchase puppies from puppy mills, or stores which are supplied by puppy mills, it's is especially important to ensure that you're purchasing your Samoyed from a reputable breeder.

Samoyed's, like many pure breeds can be susceptible to certain hereditary conditions such as Hip Dysplasia, however quality breeders are very careful in managing their breeding program to minimise the risk of their puppies suffering from health issues later in line.

Therefore it's important to buy your Samoyed puppy from a breeder who will provide you with certifications of their bloodlines and heritage to demonstrate that what you're buying is a genuine pure-bred Samoyed pup.

This certification will absolutely push the cost of your puppy higher because it requires more effort on behalf of the breeder, but the extra investment is definitely worth it. 

Generally breeders who are dedicated to producing top quality Samoyed puppies won't even offer the option of providing a pup without that documentation so you probably won't need to worry anyway.

Bloodlines & Showdogs

Is your puppy the offspring of a champion Samoyed showdog? Then you'll expect to pay a little more for the privilege. 

Samoyeds are known for being loyal and loving animals, but those who have demonstrated excellence in the show-dog arena will produce particularly excellent offspring thus driving the price upwards.

If you're not intending on entering your Sammy into competitions then this is an area where you might be able to save a little money.

Ongoing Costs Training

Keep in mind that it's not the initial purchase of your Samoyed that you need to think about. As with all dogs, Samoyeds demand will create some basic ongoing expenses like food, toys, and obedience classes.

Some additional costs which come with this breed relate to their grooming.

Even if you don't intend on using a professional groomer, you'll be spending more money on grooming than a regular dog.

Special brushes, shampoo, conditioners, dryers, blowers, grooming tables and more will create some additional costs in order to keep your Samoyed healthy and happy and looking their best.

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How has the cost of a Samoyed changed over time?

We surveyed over 300 people on when they purchased their Samoyed and how much it cost at the time to see how prices have changed over the last decade.

In the chart below we can see that (as you might expect) the cost increases over time from around $400 USD in 1997, all the way up to over $1,600 USD in 2017.

This isn't really surprising since inflation impacts basic costs of living, therefore there's a flow on effect for the cost of raising puppies.

Samoyed Puppy Cost Over Time: Chart

What this chart doesn't show

Since the data for this chart was based on an informal online survey the chart doesn't show the differences between different breeders.

Some breeders have more breeding history, better pedigree, while some ensure all vaccinations are completed, and some will add in extras like a special toy and some kibbel which the puppy will be familiar with in his new home.

These extra elements  distort the data and so this chart should not be relied upon when assessing pricing, it's simply a guide.

International Samoyed pricing

The chart also doesn't show the different pricing trends for different parts of the world. This chart was based off information supplied from Samoyed owners all over the planet and then prices were converted to USD however if you lived in Europe a Samoyed seemed to be far more affordable than in other parts of the world.

Presumably this is because in more nordic countries, Samoyeds and other artic dogs are more common which in turn lowers the demand.


Do you research!

The cost of a pure-bred Samoyed puppy is going to vary greatly depending on the factors outlined above, and credentials of the breeder and their dogs, and of course the demand for the puppies in general.

Expect to pay no less than $1000 for a Samoyed puppy, with the average cost being aproximately $1,600 USD and even as much as $8,000 for an award winning show dog (stud) which can be used for breeding.

Compare breeders, talk to ones you like who will help aducate you and give you support after you take your puppy home, and talk to others who have purchased from that same breeder and make sure that both the puppy and breeder are a good fit.