It's not all sunshine and rainbows when you're a Samoyed parent, especially when they eat something weird and get poop all over their butts. Here's a simple way to stop the dreaded "poopy butt".

Samoyed sitting next to a crate

Crate training can be very useful when it comes to training your dog as well as providing them a place where they can be comfortable and rest.

Giant Samoyed standing next to a snowboarder

Have you fantasised about having a Samoyed so big that you could lay you whole body on him and make a home within his fur? I know I have! For many people bigger is definitely better, so let's talk about giant Samoyeds.

Samoyed Weight

Are you interested to know how much a Samoyed weighs? It might be an important piece of information to know before you add a Samoyed to your family.

Samoyed in a cage

Samoyeds are beautiful no matter where they're from. Why not rescue one that's in need of a home? Here is a list of Samoyed rescue groups from all over the world.

Samoyeds pulling a sled

Samoyeds have a long history of being the working dogs of the Samoyed people who used them for herding rain deer and sledding, and of course staying warm during those cold nights.

Woman having an allergic reaction

Are you thinking of owning a Samoyed but you suffer from allergies, then you've probably heard that Samoyeds are hypoallergenic! But are they really?

Let's break it down and see if the hypoallergenic Samoyed is real or just a myth.

Insurance Samoyed Puppies

I’m going to be honest. Pet insurance is boring. There aren’t many dog-related phrases that could put me to sleep, but insurance is just one of those words that makes people tune out.

Mini Samoyed Puppy

Our modern lifestyle has caused an increase in apartment living, and as a result the demand for smaller dogs which can live happily in these environments has increased too.

Samoyed Fur Clothes

A Samoyed's double coat makes them well equipped to handle very cold temperatures. They also shed a lot which means that it's possible to make incredibly warm clothing from all that excess fur!

Shaved Samoyed

Samoyed's are known for their gorgeous fluffy white coat! You may have wondered if shaving them during the warmer months will make them more comfortable, and stop all of that shedding! This article will explain fact from myth.