If you're ready to add a beautiful Samoyed to your family, then you'll need to find a good quality breeder. Use this page to find a Samoyed breeder in your local area.

This page is a global list of Samoyed breeders, and while most breeders don't advertise when they have Samoyed puppies for sale (there's enough demand that they don't need to), this list will give you a great start when contacting breeders in your area to find out if they have a Samoyed for sale, or if they are due to have a litter sometime in the near future.

Always make sure that you do your research when it comes to choosing a breeder. Choosing a good quality breeder will likely cost you more, however they will typically provide proof of breeding bloodlines to ensure you're getting what you pay for, and to minimise the risk of any physical issues. Purchasing Samoyed puppies from less reputable providers will often result in puppies of inferior quality and an increased risk of health issues.

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Quality ethical breeders will health test the parents and other dogs in the pedigree and will breed according to the breed standard. Good breeders will also guarantee their puppies, and be able to give you references from previous buyers to demonstrate a history of quality Samoyed puppies being sold.

If you're already making contact with some breeders, here's a handy checklist to make sure you cover all these points.

Use the search feature below to find a Samoyed breeder in your local area, or you can check out the entire list of Samoyed breeders from all over the world!

Alternatively if you'd rather rescue a Samoyed who's looking for a home, check out out global directory of Samoyed rescue groups.

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