When most people think of a Samoyed they imagine that classic Sammy smile with a pure white fluffy coat. But did you know that Samoyed's also come in some other very interesting colour varieties?

Let's take a look at some of the lesser-known colourings of Samoyeds!

White Samoyed

Here's what most peopel think of when they hear "Samoyed".

A beautiful, pure white dog with a gorgeous fluffy coat, curled tail, and that trademark smile.

White Samoyed photo

White Samoyed colour diagram
Diagram from www.showdog.com

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White & Biscuit

The white & biscuit variety of Samoyed typically features spots of orange-brown on the ear tips, and the side of the body.

Here's an easy to follow diagram to recognise the most common coat pattern of the white & biscuit Samoyeds.

White & Biscuit Samoyed diagram

Diagram from www.showdog.com

Here is a photo of 2 white & biscuit Samoyed puppies, sitting next to a pure white puppy for comparison.

White & Biscuit Samoyed puppies


Cream coloured Samoyeds have a coat which are slightly  darker in colour than the pure white variants giving them their cream appearance.

Cream Samoyed colour diagram
Diagram from www.showdog.com

We are working to try and find a photographic example of a cream Samoyed, however so far it is difficult to confirm if photos are definitely of a cream coloured Samoyed, or just a Samyoed which hasn't been washed!

Biscuit Samoyed

Biscuit Samoyeds have similar patterning but with a stronger shading of orange-brown, giving them their "biscuit" name. Colour is more thorough through the midsection and around the ears similar to the white & biscuit variety.

Biscuit Samoyed colour diagram

Diagram from www.showdog.com

Here is a photograph of some biscuit coloured Samoyeds.

Biscuit Samoyed photoBiscuit Samoyed photo long coat

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Black Samoyed

The black Samoyed is something of a mystery!

This is one of the only photos of the elusive Black Samoyed, and it's unclear if this variety is the result of cross-breeding, a genetic mutation, if someone has merely use hair dye to colour the dogs fur, or if in fact this photo is actually of an American Eskimo Dog which does come with black fur.

Black Samoyed photo

UPDATE: After a huge amount of very serious research... Actually we just asked some people, it turns out that this apparently black Samoyed isn't actually a Samoyed at all, it's actually a Giant German Spitz whose coats do come in black!

They are slightly smaller and lighter than their Samoyed cousins but have a positive, friendly nature. So if you're a person who loves all things black, then this breed might be the closest thing you'll get to a pure black Samoyed!

Black Giant German Spitz puppies

The similarities to Samoyed's don't just appear in adulthood, and as you can see these puppies could easily be mistaken for Black Samoyes puppies because they bear such a close resemblance.

Rainbow Samoyed

Even more of a mystery than the Black Samoyed, is the mythical Rainbow Samoyed!

The Rainbow Samoyed has special powers which enable it to disguise itself as a regular plain-white Samoyed for the majority of it's life.

Only during periods of extreme excitement or happiness does the Rainbow Samoyed reveal itself in all it's glorious colour.

The patterning of the Rainbow Samoyed's coat is as unique like a human thumbprint.

Rainbow Samoyed photo

Here's a Rainbow Samoyed with mottled rainbow patterning, who chose to reveal himself during a colour-run festival.

Rainbow Samoyed photo

This is a photo of a Rainbow Samoyed in mid-transformation which is why his head is still white while the rest of the body is displaying a beautiful ombre-rainbow pattern.