A Samoyed's double coat makes them well equipped to handle very cold temperatures. They also shed a lot which means that it's possible to make incredibly warm clothing from all that excess fur!

Samoyeds originate from Siberia in Russia where the average temperature during winter is −25 °C (−13 °F). Thanks to its dense double coat the Samoyed is able to handle these temperatures quite easily. 

But how exactly does the excess fur from your Samoyed become a luxurious coat, hat, or throw rug for your bed?

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How are Samoyed fur clothes made?

We all take for granted the lengthy process involved to produce yarn and then turn that info actual clothing we can wear, but here are the steps required to turn Samoyed fur into Samoyed clothes.

Washing the fur

In order to ensure that the fur (and resulting clothing) doesn't smell like dog, it needs to be washed several times to remove any odour.

Carding the fur

Carding fur is the process of aligning the fur fibres so that they run parallel to each other in order to prepare them prior to being spun.

Spinning the fur

Once the fur has been carded it's ready for spinning which will turn it into yarn. It can also then be dyed to the desired colour.

Knitting or Crochet

Once the fur has been spun into yarn it's then ready to be knitted for crocheted into a final garment. 

Samoyed fur which has been spun into yarn

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What kind of clothes can you make from Samoyed fur?

Now that we know the Samoyed fur can definitely be spun into a thread which can be knitted or choched into a garmant, what kind of things can you make out of Samoyed fur?

Samoyed Fur Sweaters

Samoyed sweaters or cardigans will probably be as close as you could come to experiencing the full-body warmth that Samoyed fur offers the dog itself.

If you're sick of your Samoyed getting all the attention because of his glorious fur coat, wearing your own Samoyed fur sweater will surely result in people wanting to pat and touch you too!

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em right?!

Man wearing Samoyed sweater cardigan

Samoyed Fur Gloves

The delicate fur can make amazing fur gloves or event mittens for those cold nights at home. Just be careful not to get them dirty.

 Samoyed fur gloves

Samoyed Fur Scarf

A Samoyed fur scarf is probably the easiest of all Samoyed fur clothing to wear without having people notice that your'e wearing something highly unusual. It'll just look like a very luxurious fur scarf similar to Angora fur.

Samoyed fur scarf

Samoyed Fur Beanie/Touk/Cap

Keep the heat in with a softest beanie / touk you'll ever wear.

samoyed fur mittens hat

Samoyed Fur Samoyed Fur Socks

Samoyed fur socks or even booties for babies are extremely warm and light, though they are delicate so probably not recommended if you're going on a hike.

Samoyed fur socks

Samoyed Fur Blankets

Throw this over your bed or use it to cuddle up on the couch during winter and you'll soon be roasting underneath it's warmth.

Samoyed fur blanket

How warm are Samoyed fur clothes?

We already know that the Samoyed's thick double coat is how they keep warm in the coldest climates. When their excess fur is transormed into clothing it's reportedly 8 times warmer than wool and extremely light weight too.

Where can you buy Samoyed clothing

If you're looking for someone who can produce clothes or other items made from Samoyed fur, there are a few very specific people you can contact.


Marion Wheatley
0409 250 969
Spinning A Yarn

North America

Sled Dog Fibre Arts in Calgary, CA


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