Is there anything in life better than being swarmed by a pack of Samoyed puppies? No probably not. 

If you're lucky enough to get exposure to a family of Samoyed pups, then you'll know that amazing feeling of being overrun by their soft cotton-wool faces, little wet noses, and of course those precious velvet ears.

Here you'll find a collection of all the greatest Samoyed photos and videos from across the web.

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Samoyed Puppy Temperament

Samoyeds have an amazing playful yet gentle nature regardless of their age, and puppies behave as you'd expect.

They are high energy, sociable, friendly but also (generally) just happy to be around their human companions or other pets.

Be prepared for some mischievous behaviour and a bit of digging in the garden like most puppies who are learning about the world and exploring their environment.

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Samoyed Puppy Photos & Videos

Are you looking for some great Samoyed puppy photos or videos to birghten up your day, or to send to a friend? Well you're in luck!

Grooming a Samoyed Puppy

Looking after a Samoyed means that grooming is going to be an important regular activity on your life, and the life of your puppy so it's vital that you get them started early so they get used to the sensation over time.

Even if actual grooming isn't required, begin to practice brushing your puppy with a soft brush, even if it's so gently that no actual brushing gets done. You can even use the smooth back side of the brush initially so your puppy simply gets used to the sensation, and then gradulally become more realistic with grooming over time.

Your Samoyed puppy will no doubt want to bite and play with "the mysterious prickle stick" but it's important that brushing doesn't become a signal for play time.
Practice brushing when the puppy is tired so they begin to associate the activity with relaxation rather than playing.

To learn more about grooming beyond the puppy phase, check out The Complete Guide To Samoyed Grooming.

Random Samoyed Puppy

If you're having a bad day, check out this Samoyed puppy bot! All you have to do is send it a message, and it'll send you back an adorable picture of a little Samoyed puppy!

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