Samoyeds are known to be a highly vocal dog just like many other arctic breeds. Sometimes it's for communication, most of the time it's just to get attention!

Check out these Samoyeds who are experts art barking, howling, and generally making a big racket just to get noticed!

This Samoyed is singing a soulful tune to the squeezy toy he's stepping on. 

This Samoyed is having an in-depth conversation about the other dogs he heard barking at the dog park.

 Of course Samoyeds are also know for their often high-pitched piercing barks too. Especially when vacuum cleaners are nearby.

This Samoyed has even managed to muffle the sound of his howls by just keeping his mouth closed.

 Samoyed puppies find their voices early on, like this little guy learning how to howl

How about this chorus line of fluffy Samoyeds all howling to the sound of the fire engines. 

This puppy is barking to get attention from the humans, but then decides that howling might be a better tactic.

If your Samoyed's barking is causing your problems then here is a great video on which will help you break that habit.

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