Samoyed's are a cheeky bunch, but sometimes things go a bit too far and their faces tell a story which is full of regret.

Samoyed playing frisbee

"This is so much fun I'm gonna catch... OMG GET IT OFF MEEEEEE!" - Credit

Samoyed puppy dirty and stuck outside

"Hoomans. I no I got much dirt, but also want inside!" - Credit

Dirty Samoyed stuck in the laundry sink


Samoyed puppy stuck in a cardboard box

"Skooz me hooman. Can you be doin me the escape?" - Credit

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Samoyed eating something gross

"OMG what did I just eat!?" - Credit

Dirty Samoyed from digging

"I know I did the bad thing in garden. But plz don't stop loving me." - Credit

Samoyed guilty for destroying furniture

"I just try to halp u redocoratize the houses!" - Credit

Samoyed puppy dirty from swimming in the lake

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"Hooman u don't need to be doin me the bath, coz I already wash in teh lake. See all kleen!" - Credit

Dirty Samoyed puppy about to have a bath

"I just a little pupper wif no self control. Need many sleepz from diggin the dirt holes." - Credit


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Samoyed trying to escape cuddle time

"Should not have asked for teh cuddlez. Can't breath from intense cuddling" - Credit

Dirty Samoyed from digging in the garden

"Another naughty doggo came and did the bad thing in the garden! I chase him away tho" - Credit

Samoyed puppy eating pot plants

"I only wanted to eet 1 plants hooman. But then I eet all of dem." - Credit

Dirty Samoyed puppy after a walk

"So sowwy for makin teh messez. Plz no bath." - Credit

Dirty Samoyed puppy covered in mud

"I pwomiss never make teh dig again." - Credit

Samoyed pretending not to notice the garden

"I just sitting here all day being good boy. Don't no wat happened?" - Credit

Samoyed before and after bath time

"What a good day digging and destroying the garden." Nek minnit... - Credit

"Hey catto, I'm teh biggest fluffiest furry guy around here. You better respekt dat or I tell mum and she... AHHHHH!"


Head stuck. Pls send HALP!

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Samoyed with his head stuck in a toy

"I dun no how dis happen 2 times one day" - Credit