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Video Transcript

Hey guys this is Stuart from Samoyed Life here and today I’m going to by trying out a different kind of brush called the Self Cleaning Slicker Brush from Roofus & Coco.

Now before we start I want to make it clear that I am in no way affiliated with Rufus & Coco. they haven’t paid me to do this review for them and they didn’t send me the product for free either I bought it with my own money so you can trust that this is a 100% genuine review of the product.

Now let’s first talk about how I would normally brush Simba and Bear. For day to day brushing I almost exclusively use a slicker brush just to keep them clean and keep their fur nice, and then if I’m trying to pull the loose fur out I’ll use a metal comb instead.

So the slicker brush I use just for general coat maintenance and as you’ve seen in my previous video I also use it to help my dry them off after a bath because it helps to separate the fur and let the warm air from the dryer penetrate and try them out a lot quicker.

So the reason I wanted to try this brush is for a few reasons.

The first one is because of this feature, this button on the back here when you press it, it pushes out all the fur and muck that the brush picks up and so the brush should hopefully stay a lot cleaner.

And the second feature is that the pins are slightly rounded on the end so I wanted to see how that changed the brushing experience for the dogs, and if it did a better job that a regular slicker brush.

So I gave Simba another bath because he’s completely filthy (no surprises there) and I figured I’d try it out initially as a replacement for the slicker brush during the drying phase of the process, but as you can see I only got to really brush him one time with this brush and he hated it, you can see he’s really like ‘what the hell was that’ and he stands up, compared to normal where he pretty much just goes to sleep while I’m trying him.

Now the reason this happened is because this brush really pulled on his fur quite a lot and I could feel it too as soon as I did that first brush on him I could feel like ‘oh this is going to be hard work’.

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Now it seems pretty logical now thinking back but the reason is because of those little rounded pins that the brush has on it. When the fur was wet it made it way harder for the pins on the brush to slide through the fur and it really tugged on his damp fur, so I basically stopped trying to use it after that because I don’t want him to be uncomfortable when I’m grooming him.

So that’s ok, this brush isn’t necessarily designed to be used like that I was just seeing if I could completely replace the slicker brush with it, so I’ll try it out on completely dry fur instead and see how that goes.

Now bear on the other hand he was totally fine with the brush. I tried brushing in the same direction of his fur and brushing against the direction of his fur just to see how he liked it, and see what it did to his goat.

It still dragged a little bit more through his fur but it also seemed to pull out a lot of dead fur at the same time because of those little pins on the end so that was interesting.

Now because this initial test went ok I gave the camera to my wife and then I tried doing a little more throughout brushing with it and it was actually pretty good!

This method of brushing here is much better when you’re really trying to get all the loose fur out, particularly if they’re doing their big season shed and getting fur everywhere. You just work on one little patch at a time and this brush actually pulled out a lot of hair pretty easily even though he’s not really shedding heavily right now so that was pretty cool.

I definitely won’t be throwing out my slicker brush as I originally thought I might, but it’s possible I might use this instead of the steel comb...

Once the brush got full of fur the little push-button cleaning feature worked pretty nicely and made it easy to empty the brush and keep going but I wouldn’t say it’s a life changing feature or anything, just a nice little addition really.

At this point it seemed to me that this brush is kind of a mid-point between using a slicker brush which maintains the coat and a rake or a steel comb which is for really lifting out a lot of loose fur.

I definitely won’t be throwing out my slicker brush as I originally thought I might, but it’s possible I might use this instead of the steel comb because I actually found it easier to handle with the rubber handle and the shape of the brush compared to the comb so I think it will probably come in handle when the weather warms up.

The Self Cleaning Slicker Brush cost me $14.95 + 6.95 for shipping (that’s Australian dollars) so $21.90 in total which is about $17 USD which I think is reasonable and it did a pretty good job of cleaning and brushing out the fur as well so overall I’m going to give this product a 7 out of 10.

If you’ve got any questions please feel free to leave a comment and a thumbs up if you liked this video, and don’t forget you can follow these furry little fellas via your favourite social media channel or just visit the Samoyed Life website!